Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a dangerous thing

one of the most dangerous things someone like me can do is over-communicate. i realize as i get the chance to speak to various people and groups, i have a huge tendency to over-communicate. in other words, i tend to try to tell everyone everything i know at the moment. it's not because i want to overpower them or impress them with my knowledge, instead it's because i really want them to "get it" when i speak.

it's awesome when you are comfortable with yourself as a speaker and realize your strength and at times it can be difficult to hold back. i'm learning more and more that God wants me to shut up more and let Him talk more.

so, tonight, when i'm speaking, i'm praying that God will be heard loud and clear and that my words will be less than ever. i want God's Words to be heard by those that are supposed to hear and I want to be a part of that. if i speak less and He speaks more, then my LIFE speaks volumes!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Family is Speaking

A few months ago when Missy and I knew it was right and time to begin the adoption process we never expected things to go so fast. A couple of weeks ago, our trip to Haiti turned into something unexpected, when we got to meet our future daughter. Her name is "Tia" and we are so excited to know her. We started an adoption blog and would love for you to follow along on our journey. For more information click here. If you are interested in getting one of those awesome "I Helped Bring TIFI Home" t-shirts that you hear about everywhere you turn (ok, the truth is you have probably never heard of them, but if you will look at the really cool picture on the right you will know what it looks like and it sounded good in my head!!!), simply click here.

As we celebrated our 15th anniversary last night, Missy and i had to smile at where we are. Neither of us expected that God would have ever brought us to where we are. Our 15th anniversary was supposed to be celebrated by a huge trip to some exotic location where we did nothing but stay on the beach and get golden brown with a great tan. God however reminded us that our LIVES were NEVER supposed to be where they are now either. If you would have asked us 15 years ago, our plan was to have 2 boys and a girl at this point in our LIVES and be serving on some church staff. God has a way of reminding us our plans are NEVER as great as His. We LOVE where we are now.