Monday, June 8, 2009

a typical wilson weekend...

fun and games abound in our family. sometimes the fun isn't expected and sometimes the games aren't fun, but this weekend we had some milestones.

first, after shopping with the family friday night, we were pulling into the driveway and d-money started laughing hysterically. it seems lane had reached into the "secret" bag and found missy's newest purchase. he however thought it was a great HAT!

second, on saturday, we had the opportunity to let d-money record at lakeside studio for the first time. it was amazing and he did a great job...i think he liked it too!

finally, we had dinner with some great friends saturday night and had a pretty awesome accomplishment. e-dub came downstairs carrying a megaphone and had that tell-tale look of something is BAD wrong! his mouth was bleeding and looking it was apparent his tooth was in desperate need of falling out. he went to the bathroom and when kate-dawg asked him if he wanted to pull it, he shook his head...and the tooth fell OUT on its own.

great weekend!

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